As a local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Georgia Beautiful, Keep Newnan Beautiful strives to inspire and educate our community on recycling, beautification, and litter reduction. 

The Keep Newnan Beautiful program is funded by the City of Newnan. Executive Director Page Beckwith handles the day-to-day programming and operations and relies heavily on volunteers to complete most of the program’s work.

With her group of 12 commissioners, nominated by the Newnan City Council, they host an average of 10 recycling events each year.

Keep Newnan Beautiful works hard to collaborate with various groups to provide events that benefit Coweta County residents as a whole. “When your primary funding comes from a specific source, it can be tricky. City dollars are marked for city residents and city projects. Keeping that separate is mandatory,” says Beckwith. 

“However, it’s important to realize that we all share the same earth so finding the appropriate funding and partnerships to enable all Coweta County residents to participate in our Keep Newnan Beautiful activities is extremely important to me. I am lucky enough to have the support of our city leadership to think outside of the box.” 

One example of this collaboration is KNB’s series of Tire Amnesty events.  For the last two years, Keep Newnan Beautiful has applied for and received funding through the Georgia Environmental Protection Division’s Land Protection Division. The state’s EPD funding for the Scrap Tire Programs and government amnesty days comes from the Solid Waste Trust Fund. 

This funding, and collaboration with Coweta County staff, provides the opportunity for residents throughout Coweta County to get rid of any tires that might be lying around in their personal garage or dumped on their property. 

With the vast amount of land here in Coweta County, Beckwith says that many residents have been plagued with the issue of old tires that are a hazard to the environment. “The biggest issue with discarding old tires is that they contain chemicals and heavy metals that leach into the environment as the tires break down. Leaching affects the soil around the old tire and as tires sit on the ground the toxins from the tires can seep down into the groundwater.”

Chemical pollution isn’t the only potential health concern caused by abandoned tires: “Old tires are hosts to all different types of pests like mosquitoes, snakes, and other nuisance creatures. Mosquitos pose the biggest risk since they transmit blood-borne diseases to animals and humans,” said Beckwith. 

Working with Coweta County last year, Keep Newnan Beautiful was able to remove 23 tons of junk tires from our community. 

“This is a fabulous opportunity for our residents to remove this hazard from their property. Typically, if a resident has a tire that they need to dispose of, it costs them $6-$10 per tire to take them to the dump. Being able to dispose of those same tires for little to no money is a big deal,” Beckwith explained. 

This year, Keep Newnan Beautiful will be able to take car and truck tires without rims for free. Large equipment tires will be $8 each, passenger tires with rims will cost $5 apiece. Tractor Trailer tires with rims will be $15. 

“The rim fees are not covered by the grant and are passed down by the processor. You can avoid the fees if you bring your tires without the rims,” Beckwith says. 


“We hope that having one central location will allow us to take more tires and be more efficient this year,” says Beckwith. “Finding ways to consistently improve is important to our program and the programs we collaborate with. I am grateful that Coweta County is willing to provide the location and assist with staffing for the amnesty day again.” 

 “Being able to get these tires out of our environment whenever possible is extremely important. We are excited to partner with Keep Newnan Beautiful again this year. Our County Commissioners and Staff are extremely supportive of providing this opportunity to our county residents again this year,” said Tim Shelnutt, Coweta County Code Enforcement Supervisor. 

For more information, contact the Keep Newnan Beautiful office at 678-673-5505 or email director Page Beckwith at Follow them on Facebook or visit their website for the most current program information.