In 2018, just before starting kindergarten at Landmark Christian School, five-year-old Cameron Ward was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma.

Photo provided by Landmark Christian School

His treatment required six months of chemotherapy, which meant several hospitalizations and many frightening, uncomfortable hours of treatment.

When Cameron would get scared or homesick for his four older siblings, his mother, Erica, would show him videos to distract and entertain him. One of those videos was watching people swimming with pigs at Pig Island, Bahamas.

It was the first time she had seen him laugh in a long time.

Cameron, now cancer-free and a vibrant first-grader at Landmark Christian School, could not stop thinking of those pigs, and wished that he and his family could all go to Pig Island.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish Georgia, that wish will soon come true. 

Cameron and his classmates at Landmark Christian School in Fairburn were surprised on Tuesday, December 3, with the first leg of the wish journey, a celebration of Cameron’s December birthday. The elementary halls were adorned with elaborate balloon towers and arches befitting a grand celebration.

Cameron’s parents, grandparents, and siblings joined the entire elementary school in lining the walkways to cheer for Cameron and his classmates as they made their way outside for a very special field trip. Classic Subaru provided vehicles for Cameron’s family to travel to their dealership, where the birthday celebration was held, and the Landmark bus, filled with Cameron’s first-grade class, followed closely behind.

Of course, a birthday celebration has to have presents, so during the party, Cameron received the biggest surprise of all: The news that Make-A-Wish Georgia is sending his family to the Bahamas to swim with his beloved pigs. 

Cameron’s mom, Erica said, “Landmark was such a big part of Cameron’s recovery. His teachers, classmates, other parents, the principal, administrators, and the spiritual life team prayed for Cameron and were supportive every step of the way. When Cameron joined the class mid-year, with all of the interaction with the Landmark family during the first six months, he felt he wasn’t a new student. The transition was easy. He belonged. We are grateful for Landmark and the love they have shown Cameron and our family and are happy they are part of today’s celebration.”