By Jill Whitley |

Starting a business in the heart of Historic Newnan from across the country isn’t easy, but somehow, Coweta natives David and Kellie-Shae Turbyfield have managed: 

“Newnan is home,” Kellie-Shae said. “We love the small-town feel of the square and believe in family-owned businesses like ours. So we make it work.”

With the help of their business partner– Kellie-Shae’s daughter, Ronni-Shae Bowman– Happy Life CBD Store, located on 23 Jackson Street, is growing as rapidly as the CBD phenomenon itself. 

CBD –short for cannabidiol– “is an essential plant oil that helps to relieve a variety of symptoms like pain and anxiety,” Ronni-Shae said. “It’s made from industrial-grade hemp, which farmers have bred without THC, the part of the plant that makes you feel high.” 

An Army veteran, David does everything he can to run the store remotely while working in the Texas oil fields to help fund the store. He returns to Newnan every few months for special weekends: festivals, Main Street events, and fundraisers- especially those supporting military-related charities. 

While Kellie-Shae returned to Newnan for several months to help open the shop, both she and David credit Ronni-Shae as the face of the business and the source of their passion for the healing benefits of CBD oil. 

Ronni-Shae, 22, suffered from depression and ADHD for several years and hated the side effects of her medication. A nursing student at the time, she became dissatisfied with the pharmaceutical industry and began studying holistic medicine.

She found CBD, and stopped her prescriptions: “It just made me feel more like myself,” she said. “Clearer, happier, more focused.”

After some research, the whole family was using CBD oil– even their dogs, who experienced a reduction in joint inflammation and anxiety, David noted. 

When Happy Life opened, the family felt they had found not only a cure, but a calling. “I discover new things it can do every day,” Ronni-Shae said. David agreed, noting that several customers come in for CBD to alleviate cancer-related pain, anxiety, and insomnia. 

While products labeled as CBD oil are being sold in pharmacies, vape shops, and even gas stations, the team at Happy Life offers a much different shopping experience than other retailers:

“Our family only sells the exact CBD brands we take ourselves. For example, I started carrying Green Roads oils because my friend from high school who has Multiple Sclerosis noticed a massive improvement in his symptoms after using that brand,” David said. 

Ronni-Shae agreed.  

“We’re not a chain. No one tells us what to carry, and our personal standards are extremely high,” she said. “I am constantly researching, and we specialize in this one product. When you come in, we can take the time to listen to you and recommend a starting dose and regimen”. 

In fact, education and relationship-building is what the Happy Life team loves not only about CBD, but about their location on the Square.

“We don’t make a ton of money, but when people come in and tell us their stories or how our CBD has relieved their pain or anxiety, that’s the big reward,” Ronni-Shae said. 

The Bowmans’ eventual goal is for the store to be successful enough for them to return to Coweta for good, but they are willing to be patient. “Of course, we’d love to make a profit,” David said, “but helping people feel better is what we’re really here to do.”

For more information on CBD oil and its potential health benefits, the team at Happy Life CBD encourages you to drop by their Jackson Street location,  open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-6pm, or to visit their website at