By Josh Jordan| Josh Jordan Homes

Josh Jordan

Coweta native Josh Jordan admits that leaving a successful career with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office after almost two decades to start his own real estate business sounds like a pretty radical change. But the two jobs are far more similar than most people imagine, he claims. 

“I grew up in a law enforcement family, and a lot of people think it’s about guns and fast cars, but it was really about the personal connection. The gratification of knowing that you helped someone at the end of the day was so rewarding,” he said. “It’s not that different now. I’m still making those same connections and helping those same families.” 

Jordan’s relationship with real estate began as a flirtation when he and his wife bought their first house. Home renovation shows were becoming popular, and the couple became obsessed with them. Josh wasn’t much of a handyman at the time, but his wife began copying the projects she saw on television, and they were soon flipping houses. 

They learned quite a bit as they went, but Jordan began to think about a real estate career when he discovered how much he didn’t know: “I can genuinely say, despite having a great agent, I never understood the contract and what it means and what you’re getting into at closing”.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s career as a deputy advanced to the point where he was no longer out in the community, enjoying the relationships he had spent years building with his fellow citizens. It was time for a change. 

The Jordan family packed up and headed west. Josh attended real estate school in Reno, Nevada. He wanted to help families that were as nervous and confused as he once was: “sure, everyone wants to sell those five million dollar homes, but what I really want to do is educate and inform first time buyers. This is the biggest investment of their lives.”

After finishing school and working in Nevada for a year, Jordan, again craving the connection to his family and hometown, moved back to Newnan over the summer and joined the RE/MAX Results team under the mentorship of his friend, Cindy Brooks, who had been Jordan’s real estate agent since his first home purchase in 2006. 

Even in the short time he’s been away, Jordan notes there has been a sharp increase in demand for homes in Coweta County.  “It’s a very active market. There’s huge growth- lots of people wanting to sell, lots of people wanting to buy. We have lots of people moving from out of town. It’s very affordable compared to the north side of Atlanta, but I’d say pricing has increased more than the average market.”

While Jordan has been very successful since returning to Coweta and joining the RE/MAX Results team, having helped many of his fellow first responders sell and purchase their first homes, he admits that the same qualities that make him a good realtor may not make him the best realtor for everyone: “I’m very authentic. I’m gonna give it to you straight. I’ll take your panicked calls at ten at night and I’ll explain what your home inspection means in detail, but I’m going to give you the whole picture, whether it’s good or bad. I won’t hurt your feelings. But if you can’t handle that kind of honesty, I’m not the agent for you.”

If you’d like to speak to Josh Jordan about buying or selling a home, he can be reached at  678.326.6940, or via his website. Josh is offering a one-year subscription to The Newnan Times-Herald to everyone who lists or purchases a home with him.