By Tim Stout- Compass Real Estate

On Halloween night, hundreds of children and their parents flock the streets decked out as ghosts, ghouls and today’s favorite Disney characters. One thing parents should not have to worry about it is whether or not their children are safe.

With Halloween quickly approaching, Tim Stout and Associates wants to provide some Halloween Safety Tips and Tricks to keep everyone safe while enjoying the holiday:

  • Plan your route. Plan out which streets you want to visit. Consider which streets have better lighting or are not too close to a busy road. Neighborhoods that have extensive sidewalk options are also great for keeping your kids off the road. Finding a well lit area with sidewalks will help keep you and your little ones more visible to possible drivers and off the road.
  • Practice walking safely. In the event that you need to cross a street, or don’t have sidewalks to walk along, talk to your kids about safe walking practices. When it gets dark outside, drivers have a harder time seeing you and your little ones so it is important to remain vigilant. Teach your kids to only cross at an intersection and to look both ways before crossing. When walking along a street that has no sidewalks, make sure you are walking along the left hand side of the road so you are facing traffic.
  • Put the electronic devices away. After you’ve had the chance to take pictures of your little ones dressed up in their costumes, put your phone and other electronic devices away. Doing so will help to keep you focused on your kids and making sure they are staying safe. If your kids are older and are venturing off alone, use a tracking app so you can keep up with their location.
  • Get creative with their costumes. Make sure your kids are not only dressed appropriately for the weather, but also dressed with few accessories. Giving them less to hold onto will help to keep them focused on their surroundings and helps to avoid any safety hazards. Forego the masks if you can so their sight is not impared – try face paint instead! Brighter costumes also make it easier for them to be seen after dark.
  • Inspect their goodies before they indulge. Feed your kids a meal before setting out on your trick-or-treating adventures to avoid them indulging early while walking around. Once home, inspect their candies for any open wrappers, choking hazards, etc. Discard anything that’s not sealed, has torn packaging or looks questionable. If you have young children, weed out gum, peanuts, hard candies and other choking hazards. If your child has food allergies, check candy labels carefully.
  • Have fun. Most importantly, you and your kids should have fun. Try a theme that the whole family can get in on. If you have older kids, encourage them to trick-or-treat with friends. This night should be enjoyable for you and your little ones so be sure to soak it in.