By Clay Neely

Keep Newnan Beautiful is a local affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Georgia Beautiful. Keep Newnan Beautiful strives to inspire and educate our community on recycling, beautification, and litter reduction. 

The Keep Newnan Beautiful program is funded by the city of Newnan. They have a full-time director, Page Beckwith, who handles the day-to-day programming and operations. Volunteers complete most of their work with a leadership group of 12 commissioners who are nominated for 3-year terms by the city council. 

Keep Newnan Beautiful hosts several events a year related to recycling and waste reduction. Paper shredding, tire recycling, electronics recycling, battery recycling, and paint recycling are all activities that are available for the community. 

The next recycling event is Paint Recycling, which will be held on Saturday, October 26, 2019, from 8 a.m. -12 noon. 

This event is unique because paint is considered a hazardous waste and cannot just be thrown in the trash or dumped on the ground. In fact, it is illegal to take wet paint to the dump. Any paint that is disposed of in that fashion must be completely dried out which usually requires kitty litter or sand. Drying paint out correctly can be expensive and time-consuming. 

Keep Newnan Beautiful works with a processor, Atlanta Paint Disposal, who takes wet paint and reformulates it into about 6 or 7 colors. If the paint they receive is unusable, they dispose of it properly. It is a wonderful way to keep paint out of the landfill. There is a small fee associated with this process. 

Latex paint is $2 per gallon and Oil paint is $3 per gallon. Atlanta Paint disposal will also take spray paint cans, 5-gallon buckets, pint and quart size cans as well. The fee is based on the size of the container not the amount of paint inside the container. Feel free to contact the Keep Newnan Beautiful office with any quesptions. 

The last event of the year will be paper shredding scheduled for December 7 from 8 am – 12 noon. This  event is one of the more popular events with the KNB program. KNB has shredded/recycled over 30,000 lbs of paper in 2019 to date. 

Beckwith expects the number will be over 40,000lbs after their last scheduled event in December. 

“Providing residents of our community the opportunity to recycle items correctly is so important -not only for the environment but to instill the importance of environmental stewardship in future generations,” Beckwith said. “That’s what we strive to do every day. Provide opportunities for our residents to make the right choices when it comes to recycling and disposing of various items. It also helps promote conservation of our resources and opportunities for environmental education.” 

KNB is available to answer crazy questions about proper disposal of household items like electronics, appliances, even chemicals. 

“There are all types of resources available out there and sometimes we just throw things out in haste- because the research can be overwhelming,” she said. “Let us help you find the right location to dispose of or recycle your items.” 

For more information contact the Keep Newnan Beautiful office at 678-673-5505 or Follow them on facebook or visit their website for the most current schedule of events.