Shop local.


This simple catchphrase has been the rallying cry for many small business owners, both in Newnan and across the country. 


In a world where tech giants have forced companies both small and large to reevaluate their strategies, the two-word rallying cry is more than a slogan for the Newnan Coweta Business Association. It’s their way of doing business. 


Newnan-Coweta Business Association President Bob Drescher is the owner of Water Source Plumbing and founded the Newnan-Coweta Business Association three years ago.


Drescher said he saw the need for a personal relationship Business Organization unlike any of the existing local groups and organizations he was affiliated with or visited over his forty-plus years involved in the contracting business.  


“I wanted it to be more than getting leads or tips,” he said. 


Drescher said he seeks to enhance sales for the business members over the long term by growing and nourishing personal interaction relationships between each and every business owner or owners-representatives in the association and requiring a commitment to attend monthly meetings and the ability to be an active participant in the association.  


As a group they are able to get better pricing on items such as advertising and printing just to name a few.


Drescher said he was inspired by the LaGrange Community following the completion of their Kia Plant.


“They really pushed the message of buying local and doing business with local companies,” he said. “I like the idea of spending your hard-earned money in the area. It makes a full circle.”  


Drescher said a lot of people do not realize they can get the same goods and services right in their own backyard.  


“Help the same people you see every day in local stores, schools, churches or maybe on the kid’s baseball field,” he said. 


Starting a new business organization in Coweta was a tall order. Drescher said he set out by contacting all the companies, people and customers he could vouch for and people he knew personally could vouch for.


“We want people in good standing with the community they service and have good business practices,” he said. “After that, it’s all word of mouth and it seems we get a different company each time we advertise. They want more information and are coming to meetings with an interest in becoming a part of it.” 


What separates the NCBA from the others is the focus on local businesses and doing business inside the community. By sharing success stories and local contacts who can help, the organization aims to help its members open new doors of possibilities.


“It’s just more personable and I think our members feel they’re getting their money’s worth,” Drescher said. “We know that doing business with locally owned and operated companies builds a thriving local economy where we support one another.”


The NCBA meets monthly at the Summer Grove Golf Club. For more information or to come as a visitor, please contact us at