By MELANIE RUBERTI | Feb. 18, 2018

SUBMITTED PHOTO Macie Crittenden 2018

Macie Crittenden, 9, spends part of her day reading through The Newnan Times-Herald. She likes reading the local and sports sections, plus looking at the pictures and captions. Macie wanted her own subscription to the paper and received it as a Christmas gift in December.

Macie Crittenden, a precocious fourth-grader from Glanton Elementary School, doesn’t let a day go by without reading The Newnan Times-Herald print or online editions.

“I like on catching up on the news and see what’s happening,” said Macie. “I read the local section and sports. I like looking at the pictures and reading the (captions) underneath them.”

“We get the paper at school,” said Macie’s mom, Shelley, a teacher at Glanton Elementary School. “She would grab it, go lay down the floor and read the whole thing. We don’t watch TV news, so this was a good way for her to keep up with the community.”

Macie liked it so much, she asked for her own subscription to The Newnan Times-Herald for Christmas.

Her grandmother, Holly Moulder, is a children’s book author and retired Coweta County educator.

She was surprised – and thrilled – when she heard Macie’s unique Christmas gift request.

“She wanted a newspaper subscription. Oh my gosh, can you imagine saying, ‘No’? I thought it was terrific,” Holly said.

Shelley agreed.

“This news is here and it’s happening in Newnan, where she lives. So it’s relevant to her,” she said.

Macie was excited when copies of The Newnan Times-Herald started appearing on the driveway of her home.

She prefers to read the paper in the afternoon, when she gets home for school.

“She carefully spreads it out on our dining room table and goes through each section,” said Shelley. “She asks if the paper has been delivered every day.

“A couple of weeks ago, she was sick at home … but she put on her p.j.s and shoes and said, ‘I’ve got to go get my newspapers,’” Shelley added. “So she walked to the end of the driveway to retrieve them. She looks forward to the paper every day.”

Macie makes sure she reads the entire paper from cover to cover.

“If I skip a page, I go back and make sure I didn’t miss anything,” she said. “… When the Honor Rolls came out, I told the kids (at school) about it and then they got on the (newspaper’s) website.”

Holly is thrilled by Macie’s excitement and commitment to her new newspaper subscription.

“I bought a three-month subscription as a trial to see if she liked it,” said Holly. “It looks like I’m on the hook for a little while longer.”

“A million years longer,” Macie answered.

Macie’s interest in the news industry started at a young age.

“She’s always been very nosy,” said Shelley. “She likes to talk to people and watch them. If she’s not sure about someone, she’ll stare them down for a good hour. She just likes to know what’s going all the time.”

Macie was also a member of Glanton Elementary School’s TV news team. She would read the announcements on the school’s closed circuit television system almost every day.

The Newnan Times-Herald invited Macie, her mom and grandmother on a  tour of the newspaper’s office located at 16 Jefferson Street.

News Editor Winston Skinner led the group through the two-story facility that showcases the paper’s deep roots in the community.

He shared The Newnan Times-Herald’s 153-year history with Macie, and showed her various photographs and copies of old newspaper pages printed through the decades.

Macie also visited the newsroom, where she met Newnan Times-Herald Publishers Beth and Clay Neely, plus a few reporters and staff members.

She was very inquisitive and not shy about asking questions.

“It has been fun listening to her as she takes the tour,” Holly said.

In addition to reading the newspaper, Macie enjoys cheerleading and is a huge fan of East Coweta High School and the University of Georgia sports teams. She also likes watching NASCAR.

Macie is on the Honor Roll at Glanton Elementary School. Her favorite subject in school is Language Arts because, “It’s easy.”

She also frequently accompanies her mom and grandmother into downtown Atlanta to the Jesus Place Inner City Mission.

Macie helps pack and hand out bags to those in need. Sometimes, she’ll draw pictures and chat with folks, too.

“I like helping the homeless,” Macie said.

“They all love her there,” said Holly.

While Macie has a lot of unique passions in her life, she seems confident in a future career path.

“I’d like to be a sports reporter,” she said.