Coach Mark Hofer, a first-year physical education teacher, recently was named Odyssey Charter School Teacher of the Year.

Hofer graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education and a minor in secondary education. He has seven years of teaching experience in middle school as well as elementary schools in Tennessee and Georgia.

First-year physical education teacher Mark Hofer is celebrated with cakes and a trophy after being named Odyssey Charter School’s Teacher of the Year.

“His excitement about teaching and his innovative approach has made him a popular teacher here at Odyssey Charter School,” Principal Scot Hooper said. “His enthusiasm and willingness to introduce new ideas and challenges for his scholars was noticed and appreciated by the entire staff.”

Hofer is the school’s fourth Teacher of the Year, the latest since the award was established four years ago by Hooper.

“What we do differently than most schools is that the voting for the Teacher of the Year is limited to classroom teachers only,” Hooper said. “No administrators or administrative staff will vote.”

Hooper said all classroom staff members can nominate a Teacher of the Year, but the winner is decided by classroom teachers.

“This guarantees that the award is truly a professional peer award,” he said.