The CEC TriBots team recently competed at an underwater robotics competition in Savannah. From left are, front, Alejandro Cervantes, Ashley Hiller, Cassandra Martinez and Victoria Joyner; back, Janie Edgar, Jacab Zawacki, RJ Pettaway, Jake Trionfo, Michael Westenkirchener, Jason Cho, Dawson Pent and TJ Pylant.

The Central Educational Center’s TriBots robotics team traveled to Savannah recently to participate in the MATE-ROV (underwater robotics) competition in the RANGER Class at the Chatham County Aquatic Center.

The team outscored all the other RANGER Class teams in the engineering
presentation portion of the event, with a 10-point difference between the second highest score. They came in fourth overall.

The TriBot team is comprised of 12 students from Newnan, East Coweta, and Northgate, and they are coached by Scott Brown. They spent 11 weeks after school and on Saturdays to prepare for the competition.

The team was split up into two departments, the design/building team and the
marketing team. The departments were overseen by a CEO, Janie Edgar, who
monitored both teams’ progress.

RJ Pettaway and TJ Plyant led the design/building team, and Jacob Zawacki led the marketing team.

Other members of the competition team included Alejandro Cervantes, Ashley
Hiller, Cassandra Martinez, Victoria Joyner, Jake Trionfo, Michael Westenkirchener, Jason Cho and Dawson Pent.

The design team was not able to get the robot in the water successfully, but they said they learned a lot through the process including electrical wiring, Python, 3D printing, research and more.

The marketing team created a display that explained their project, CEC
Underwater Preservation. Matt Wheeler from the marketing department at Kason Industries assisted them with their display.

Students on the marketing team were also responsible for community outreach and donations, and they raised over $2,000 from sponsors.

The sponsors for the program included Kason Industries, Allan Vigil Ford,
SMALLab Learning, Exploring Inc and TriBots Family and Friends.

The CEC TriBots have been participating in VEX Robotics since 2011, according to the CEC website. The team name TriBots represents the students from all three high schools in the county that participate in the program.