Dr. Turner – Georgia Bone & Joint

By Clay Neely

June 9, 2019

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Dr. Trevor Turner recently joined Georgia Bone and Joint’s family of medical professionals.

A board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) physician, Turner works as the director of the Center for Regenerative Orthopedics.

Turner said his passion for medicine is derived not only from his father, a pediatric anesthesiologist in Dallas, TX but also from his faith.

“I grew up pondering the significant number of miracles in the Bible that had to do with healing and always considered the practice of medicine as a way to live one’s faith,” Turner said.

Dr. Turner completed his medical training at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School before completing an internship in general surgery at the University of California San Francisco.

“Later, I was privileged to receive grants from both the Tom Dooley Society and the Christian Medical and Dental Association to work in Swaziland with the Baylor Pediatric AIDS Initiative, Guatemala, Mexico, and Haiti,” he said. “In many ways, caring for the indigent taught me more about compassion than any academic professor ever could.”

Dr. Turner completed his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, during which he was selected to be a student researcher on ACL injuries with the American Sports Medicine Institute.

After residency, Turner had the privilege to spend four years working with Dr. James Andrews at the Andrews Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute, where he regularly treated a wide range of professional, collegiate, and amateur athletes.

Dr. Turner specializes in minimally invasive image-guided orthopedic procedures to place platelet-rich plasma and autologous stem cell injections into damaged tissue to help patients recover function faster with lower risk.

“I tell patients there are five ways we can help –physical therapy, bracing, medications, procedures, or surgery,” Turner said. “People are interested in healing in a less invasive way that minimizes risk.

With a niche for musculoskeletal ultrasound, Turner noted it’s cheaper than MRI and often has the superior diagnostic capability.

“It’s dynamic,” he said.  “I can place the probe on a patient’s joint and watch them move to the point that their pain is occurring and see what’s causing it.”

By diagnosing under ultrasound, Turner develops a treatment plan based on the individual and their goals, so it’s uniquely tailored.

However, Turner said he’s most proud of his role in caring for the military Special Operations personnel.

“Our military patients have different demands than other athletes,” Turner said. “With less time to recover, they also have to perform at a high level at an enormous variety of skills.”

Turner said his goal of being a community doctor was realized through joining the staff at Georgia Bone and Joint.

“I think a lot of physicians have felt let down by the corporatization of medicine,” Turner said. “Joining a small and independent group that has established a long tradition of service to the local community has been a long term dream for me.”

Turner said he’s proud to be involved in caring for the young athletes and their families from Newnan, East Coweta, Northgate, Heritage, and Trinity.

With a personal history of rehabilitating from disc herniations in his spine, Turner has also witnessed how scary it can be when a labor and delivery does not go perfectly or a family member has a life-threatening illness.

“Having been through these situations makes me better able to reach a patient on his or her individual level and to better understand what it takes to pursue a life filled with meaning,” Turner said.

By joining a small, independent group committed to serving the local community, Turner said he’s where he truly belongs.

His wife, a hospitalist and Peachtree City native, is now a mother to their 2-year old. The family plans on settling down in Coweta County for the long term, Turner said.

“It puts us in immediate proximity to my wife’s parents, which was a huge blessing to have while raising our daughter,” Turner said.

Turner said the staff at Georgia Bone and Joint has a strong reputation in the community and hopes to maintain that standing.

“The model of keeping physical therapy, MRI, clinic, and an ambulatory surgery center all under one roof is unique, and there aren’t many other places you can do that,” Turner said. “It’s fun to join a group of six busy orthopedic physicians that are continuing to expand and to focus on the long-term well-being of our community.”

Clay Neely is the co-publisher for The Newnan Times-Herald, Newnan-Coweta Magazine and Marketplace.