Marketplace focuses on local business and invites readers to take advantage of the areas best places to eat, shop & save. The design is trendy and relevant and the content will keep people coming back each week for more. Every month we select areas with high growth and a higher than average HHI for mail delivery in addition to delivering to more than 17,500 to area residents for a total of 21,500 weekly distribution. Marketplace is also available at local retailers and eateries. Competitively priced to be more accessible for SMBs our initial launch has been a great success! Advertisers have multiple options to reach this valuable audience each week.


  • The front page advertorials allow you to feature your story and let people know why they should be doing business with you.
  • Coupons always get attention and drive people to your door.
  • Combo packages that include The Newnan Times-Herald give you unprecedented market coverage at affordable rates.


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