By Norma Haynes

Norma Haynes was one of this year’s Golden Eagle Dinner honorees. The event is held each year by the Flint River Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

“Home Is Where My Heart Is,” the title of my book, says exactly what I feel about living in this wonderful county of Coweta.

I have never lived anywhere else and plan to live here the rest of the days that God gives me on this earth. I have seen so many changes to this grand old county, and I have met many new residents who moved here because of the special place that it is.

The warmth that exudes in every situation I have faced is unparalleled. If a kitty cat is stranded in a tall tree and a little child calls for help, you can be sure the firefighters will be there to rescue that little animal. If you plan a vacation out of town and contact your police department or sheriff’s office, these good folks will make a point to check on your home.

I never go into a restaurant or a store where I’m not greeted by a warm smile or that I don’t meet someone with whom I can carry on a conversation, and I love being called “Miss Norma.” That is what we do here in Coweta County!

Yes, I have seen the peach orchards and the cotton fields turned into malls and subdivisions, but with these changes have come some delightful people who have given of themselves to our community.

Our county has produced governors, famous authors, singers and artists. I no longer have to travel to Atlanta to experience cultural events because the Donald W. Nixon Centre for Performing and Visual Arts, along with the Wadsworth Auditorium, provides every venue of cultural art anyone could desire. I am thankful every day for the visions of those who made this possible and who continue to operate in exciting ways.

Now, I don’t have to travel to Atlanta to shop. We have excellent shopping right here in our city and county.

Yes, we have our problems, and I am bad about complaining sometimes; however, the good of living here in Coweta County far outweighs any of the bad that we might encounter.

Our schools are so good; our public safety agencies are tops; our volunteers for all the great charitable agencies abiding here are the best.

There is much love right here in Coweta County, and God has blessed me beyond all of my imagination to have let me live right here for my 81 years.